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Best Camera Under 500 Dollars

Best Camera Under 500 Dollars-The Canon’s X0D series has attracted a wide variety of photography enthusiasts, from fans and semi-pros right through to several pros who enjoyed using a lightweight choice. Each model offered high enough standards to make sure that it absolutely was both aspirational and achievable designed for customers who had out-grown their Digital rebel XX0D series. However, the set of features usually left a considerable gap beneath the company’s full-blown ‘pro’ models.

Best Camera Under 500 Dollars

 What is Canon EOS 60D?

Best Camera Under 500 DollarsThe 50D was beginning to look fairly unnecessary: costly in comparison to the Canon Rebel EOS 550D, underpowered in comparison to the Canon EOS 7D. It seemed apparent that Canon required something to stabilize the EOS range to fill the large gap between the Rebel and the 7D. Therefore, we have this product-the Canon EOS 60D.

With the Canon 60D has relocated the X0D range from the ‘semi pro’ bracket and instead concentrated on the enthusiast digital photographer seeking to update from their Digital rebel. Consequently, it is not the apparent extension of the 30D – 40D – 50D patterns that it’s naming may suggest. Alternatively it sits very well while in the current market as was previously occupied by the ‘Elan’ series.

So gone is a magnesium metal construction which featured in previous designs, substituted with a lighter weight plastic covering. Obviously the 60D gains some main ‘step up’ features through the Rebel series, along with a few that have trickled down through the EOS 7D. Additionally there is a video-friendly 3:2 ratio articulated LCD. In picture terms, it makes the EOS mid-range in accordance with those above and below by improving the sensor resolution to approximately 18MP and adding HD movie capture.

Also, The EOS 60D gains several brand-new features of its own. There exist now a variety of color versions (or ‘Ambiences’) that is applied to the picture while making use of the scene modes, as well as whose effect can be previewed in Live View. The 60D also gains the capability to convert raw files to JPEG, as well as the option to correct for lens aberrations such as distortion and chromatic aberration. As a possible additional bonus, you could retrospectively use new ‘Creative Filters’ to documents you have shot.

Therefore, from a specification and feature perspective, the EOS 60D sits practically simply between the Canon 550D and Canon 7D, as well as some new tricks of its own, which usually, we believe, is just where it ought to be.

Compare with Canon 50D

Placing the 50D alongside the 60D you will realize the newest best camera under 500 isn’t a merely a direct upgrade but a repositioned design. The most apparent distinction is the fact that it is smaller and also, naturally, no longer contains a metal shape.

The Canon 60D is smaller than the Canon 50D, however its ergonomics are certainly not substantially altered- it will still feel like an important enhancement over a Rebel series digital camera, although the lack of the metal body indicates the same will not be true for 50D users. One pleasant addition is signaled through the receiver window within the handgrip – the 60Dworks with Canon’s IR controllers.

Compare with Canon 70D

The appearance of the EOS 7D, which consists of highly configurable 19-point AF system and 8framesper second constant capturing capability changed much of this – there was a ‘mini 1D’ that drew the interest of lots of individuals who formerly would have been X0D buyers. Nevertheless, the price tag pushed it beyond the reach of the majority of individuals who weren’t making at least a certain amount of money using their photography.

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